Terms of Business

  1.   These Terms of Business replace all terms and conditions and documentation previously published by Mersus Technologies, hereinafter called ‘Mersus Technologies’.
  1.    Mersus Technologies undertakes animation, live action video and virtual reality services; hereafter referred to as assignments. When the Client confirms an assignment, either verbally or in writing it is deemed to have accepted these Terms of Business.
  1.    Mersus Technologies fees become payable after the Client has accepted delivery of the assignment. Assignments require part payment or payments in advance of completion/delivery.
  1.   If the Client terminates or suspends an assignment which it has been previously confirmed, the Client becomes liable for fees and expenses incurred up to and including the date of cancellation.
  1.   All invoices for fees and charges are payable within twenty one days of their date of invoice. VAT is payable on all fees, charges and costs at the prevailing rate.
  1.   If a Client suspends an assignment previously agreed with Mersus Technologies, Mersus Technologies is prepared to restart the assignment again under the same terms and conditions, provided our fees have been paid, there are no alterations to the original specification, and that the restart is within six months of the original date of the commencement of the assignment.
  1.   If the Client does not approve or amend a submitted assignment, completed or in part, within a reasonable period, Mersus Technologies reserves the right to invoice for fees and expenses incurred.
  1.   If the Client or any employee of the client or any subsidiary or associated company or individual of the Client alters the original assignment specification; Mersus Technologies reserves the right to adjust the fee accordingly. Any deviations from the original assignment specification, deemed by Mersus Technologies to have cost implications, will be agreed in advance and documented.
  1.   The assignment shall be made available for acceptance at agreed stages. At each agreed stage changes to the Service shall only be permitted to the extent that such changes are consistent with the brief. Beyond completion of the final Master we will allow the ‘Three Hour Rule’. By this it is meant that any change or alteration to the final Master that we deem will take less than three man-hours will not be charged.
  1. All assignment components remain the property of Mersus Technologies, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a partner of Mersus Technologies.
  2. Each piece of media produced will include a short section of Mersus Technologies branding unless previously stated. The branding may not be removed or edited without prior permission.
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